Thursday, August 24, 2017

Week 9 Sound Recording, Music and Radio

Topic 1: Music's Influence 

1. As long as I can remember I have always had an interest for unique types of music and artists, for example, when I was 9 everyone my age was listening to Spice girls and Backstreet Boys, while I was listening to KK Project "I Like to Move it Move it" and all of the Daft Punk tracks, I loved it! Since then I have grown to love electronic dance music, as a pre- teen I would pretend to be the family's DJ and make mixtapes of dance songs and play them at our birthday parties, my young siblings thought I was the coolest, but my friends did not. They would constantly poke fun at my choice of music and becoming a DJ, it wasn't until a few years back that EDM became well known due to shows such as, Jersey Shore, and any other reality tv show that incorporated fist pumping. So when this happened a few of my friends would ask me "Hey have you heard this new cool song it is awesome" and in an irritated tone I would respond with "Yes, it came out last year it's not new". But it wasn't until a few years back when I stumbled upon a video called "I Fink U Freeky" by Die Antwoord, that I actually got a few judgemental eyebrow raises especially from my parents who have always encouraged my weirdness, but this was a little too weird for their taste.

2. In high school when my friends were extremely judgmental of my music choices it would bother me but soon after I began college I couldn't care less. But a few years back when I shared the "I Fink U Freeky" video with my parents, I felt like a complete weirdo especially after their raised eyebrows and judgmental expressions alongside their "that's too weird and creepy, is that even music?" remark. So I did what I knew best and read the comments to see how many weirdos their where that enjoyed the video as much as I did and to my surprise there was allot, so that made me feel better.

3. My favorite music genre is EDM, some of my favorite artists include; Martin Garrix, Swedish House Mafia, Deorro, Dimitri Vegas, and Major Lazer.

Topic 2: Campus Radio 

1. I believe it is a great idea, a campus radio would be an amazing opportunity for those who are interested in music and radio to begin advancing in their potential career path while attending LBCC. It would also be great for everyone to listen in on what students are listening to and maybe find a common ground with different crows of individuals, and keep in touch with daily activities going on at the campus because not everyone checks their school email every day or reads the posters posted on the halls.

2. The two platforms the campus radio should adapt are; online podcast, and a phone app. The online podcast would be able to be accessed through phone or laptop, and the app would be available for your phone which would be easily accessible. The online podcast would be specific to LBCC community of students with pictures and comments next to recommended songs and artists. The phone app would not only provide a range of songs and artist students recommend but also their ratings within the LBCC community. In the app it would also notify students of upcoming events and weekly personal surveys on artists and songs.

3. The campus radio should be funded by the phone app sales, advertisements included on the app, and monthly student fundraising and music awareness gatherings. For example, the committee putting this app together should search for local companies who are willing to pay them for the advertisement of their company. In addition, monthly music performances, such as DJs, bands, instrument players and singers, can put on a monthly show in a popular location and charge for entry, while the venue benefits from the purchases made by the students, the campus radio benefits from ticket sales.  

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Magazines, Books and the Power of Print

Topic 1: Banned Books and Your Bookshelf 

1. A few of the books that I have read and are listed in the ALA list are; Of Mice and Men, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, and To Kill a Mockingbird. I read Of Mice and Men in the eighth grade, as I reflect upon my memories of the book I don't believe it was vulgar or violent for a class of 13-14 year olds, as if pre-teens haven't heard of offensive language, racial slurs and violence. I liked the book, it had a very sad and realistic ending which reflected the Great Depression. I also read I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings and To Kill a Mockingbird in high school, that's when I started to read more of Maya Angelou's books as well. I also remember having my mom sign a permission slip in order for me to read these books, and of course she signed it. My parents never believed in banning books they actually encouraged me to read more of them ,saying that in order for our minds to grow we need to enlighten our imagination with new ideas and different ways of thinking, and so I did.

2. Individuals have the right to pick and choose what books they personally don't agree with and refrain from reading them, but to ban and challenge books based on individuals beliefs is erroneous, because by doing so whe are preventing the authors of these banned and challenged books from freely expressing themselves and instead restricting the content that can be published based solemnly  on beliefs and not the actual meaning of the content produced within the book. Access to any kind of book should never be limited, these books that are being banned and challenged don't oppose any kind of threat to an adolescent or adult mind. They are not intended to influence spouts of violence, rape or foul language, because movies, video games and social media already does a really good job in influencing individuals. Books are gateways into another person's imagination or reality, and I see nothing wrong with having these books available to the general public without any kind of limitation.

3. The majority of books that fill my bookshelf are anatomy books, biology books because I am pursuing a career in the medical field and instead of re-selling my books I keep them for future references. Alongside my school books I have I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou, The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg,  and The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini. Although these three books are completely different from one another they tell the same. These books tell stories of personal achievement survival and the will to succeed and move forward in life while adapting to new changes.  What these books tell about me is that I am intrigued by books that enlighten me about other ways people have lived their lives and no matter what they have been faced with they still stand., and although these books are fictional their is some portrayed parallelism between the author and main character.

Topic 2: Magazines

1. The three magazines I enjoy reading are; National Geographic, Time and Women's Health.  I enjoy reading these magazines because they provide me with interesting, factual information and are not loaded with junk with titles such as, "Who Wore it Better" "The Latest Pink Hair Styles You Need this Summer". I enjoy reading magazines that able me to utilize at least two pieces of useful information. What I look for in these magazines are; global crisis topics, personal stories especially those of success,topics that relate to health, well being, and diseases.  Topics and examples that interest me are; poaching of elephants for ivory, the spread of disease around the world, and genetic predispositions due to unhealthy genetically modified food.

2. The majority of advertisement in the National Geographic consist of donation ads for specific organizations such as the ASPCA. In magazines such as Women's Health advertisements range from womans hygiene and vitamins to laser treatment. Ad publications such as those of the Women's Health magazine try to influence a woman's mind as to what female products to buy next and implement that waxing is old and laser treatment  is better and of course let's not forget Latisse for longer lashes.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Media Product Review Blog Project #2

Wonder Woman 2017

I choose to review Wonder Woman the movie because it  is one of the first lead female superhero movies of our time. Sure there have been female superheroes in the past but none of them have had a chance to be lead characters yet. Growing up I was infatuated with Wonder Woman and Xena the Warrior Princess, I loved to watch those shows because these woman kicked butt and saved the day. Men and boys have a variety of choices; Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Flash, Captain America Thor and many more. Women and girls on the other hand have; Wonder Woman, Super Woman, Catwoman (who actually was a mischievous thief, not a hero), the pink and yellow Power Rangers, Black Widow and Elektra, I am sure there are plenty more female superheroes in the comic books but the ones who have been featured as lead characters in movies are very few  compared to the male superhero movies released each year. The only lead female superheroes who have had their own movies thus far are, Elektra and Wonder Woman. That is why I had to watch it twice, it was that good.


Wonder Woman was directed by Patty Jenkins. Jenkins began her career as a painter in NYC then transitioned to filmmaking working as a first assistant camera person/focus puller for 8 years. Jenkins then attended AFI in Los Angeles before writing and directing the movie Monster. Jenkins won numerous awards and nominations including best first feature at the 2004 Independent Spirit Awards according to

Wonder Woman's lead actress was played by Gal Gadot. Gadot was born in Israel, she served 2 years in the Israeli military, and won Miss Israel is 2004, in addition is also a mother to two young girls. Gadot has acted in many movies such as, Fast and Furious franchise, Date Night, Meet the Joneses, Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice and Wonder Woman. To prepare for her part as Wonder Woman, Gadot trained in, Kung Fu kickboxing, Capoeira, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and swordsmanship. Her performance as Wonder Woman was recognized as one of the best performances out of the highly anticipated Dawn of Justice 2016 movie.

Wonder Woman takes place in a hidden island called Themyscira away from men and inhabited by the Amazonian race which is made of fierce female warriors who have trained to be fighters their entire life. Diana (Wonder Woman) was sent by Zeus as a weapon to kill Ares (Zeus disobedient and war loving son). Diana's mother Queen Hippolyta forbid Diana from training, until the day came where she believed it was necessary,becoming one of the best warriors in the island. As Diana is trying to figure out her identity and purpose, a plane comes crashing down into the waters of Themyscira, carrying an American Pilot called Steve Trevor, the island was then invaded by the a German ship in search of Steve Trevor. A battle then breaks out and the Amazons fight until all the German militants are dead with the only one surviving being Steve Trevor. Diana then becomes convinced that Ares is alive and thriving on the other side, so she arms herself with the Godkiller sword, her lasso, and suit of armor then heads out to attempt to save the world alongside Steve Trevor.

According to, as of August 9th Wonder Woman has made a total of $400,488, 018, with a production budget of $149 million. During opening week  Wonder Woman ranked # 6 among other highly profitable DC comic movies making $100,505,000.

Gal Gadot portrayal of Wonder Woman was head on, she was strong, determined and most of all passionate to help humankind. If we compare Gadot's work in Wonder woman to another action packed filmed such as Fast and Furious we are able to see the similarities between the two characters she plays. For example, in the Fast and Furious franchise her character was portrayed as a strong, fearless woman who ultimately gave her life up to save her love interest and crew. In addition, In Wonder Woman Gadot again portrays a strong, fearless, warrior who is willing to give up her life for the greater good. On the other hand, Gadot's character in Meet the Joneses was an undercover spy who is trying to fit in a traditional American town and uses her sexuality as a weapon to lure in her prey. Compared to Wonder Woman, Gadot's character although dressed in flamboyant clothing she does not lure in her prey by using her sexuality instead she fights and amongst what her crew of 4 men are telling her that she can't do it she she still does it.

Wonder Woman is different from other DC comic movie genres because its main character is female and her ultimate purpose is to save humankind just like all other lead male superheroes of her time. I believe their needs to be more female superhero movies, females need to be equally portrayed as heroes instead of damsels in distress, love interests, or assistants such as the female character in Iron Man and Thor. Hopefully this will encourage more female superhero movies to be released eventually balancing male and  female ratio of heroes.


Wonder Woman matters because it is revolutionary, it is one of the first films to portray a female lead superhero without the feature of other male superheroes. There is no question as to what the target audience was and my answer is--female.This is also a great eye opener so society can take notice and realize that strong dominant female roles are lacking especially in the comic movie genre. Just as young boys and men enjoy watching male heroes woman and girls do too. What makes this industry think that girls and women wouldn't enjoy watching a female hero save the day? Hopefully with the release of this movie it will lead the way to many more future female superhero movies who will inspire woman and girls to fight for equality and their right to be heard.

In this movie their are no stereotypes or offencive messages, on the contrary I believe this movie is inspiring and there should be more like it. Hopefully it will kick start and end the equality battle women have been fighting for their entire lives.

The strengths in the Wonder Woman movie where, the realistic battle scenes, and the portrayal of her innocence at the beginning of the movie. The weaknesses where, not enough film time portraying the Amazonians, and the lack of further information about Diana further contacting her mother in the island of Themyscira. The realistic and action impacted battle scenes were dark, evil, and full of action they were portrayed perfectly. Seeing Diana's transformation into wonder woman at the end of the movie was a key factor in this movie because at the beginning she doesn't know about war and what it does and how evil the human race actually is, but throughout the movie she begins to understand the concept and is still willing to fight for humankind.The only weakness was that their wasn't enough movie time portraying the Amazonians I wish they would have fought another battle because their fighting strategies were outdated because of their remoteness, regardless they were still extremely strong, fierce, and powerful women. I also wish that it would have shown Diana somehow talking or having closure with her mother in the island, because that part was unclear I wasn't sure if she wasn't allowed back on the island or if she simply choose to never go back and check on them.  

This movie is definitely memorable because it is a first of its kind and empowers all women across the world, and I believe it is some of the best work done by both the director and actress. Here are a few reviews that share my same thought on the movie and its message being send to females across the world.
According to a review from the Chicago Reader,"Jenkins  tries not only to include men on Wonder Woman's side but also to make male viewers feel better about a woman saving them"(Pickett).
According to a review from the New York Observer, "Wonder Woman embraces issues of female power and the need to turn from hate to love, war to peace in a mainstream delivery system. And the female lead is not solely a mother, sister, girlfriend or hooker, however gold her heart: wonder of wonders!"(Adams).

The first time I watched Wonder Woman I was hooked I loved it, and shortly after I convinced my whole family to watch with me again they couldn't agree more, this was an amazing film. The cast of this film couldn't have been better. Gal Gadot did an amazing job portraying wonder woman, she has had many other fighting roles in her previous movies but this is by far her best. The first thing I did was google the main actress and found out that she has two daughters and is Israele, she is also a fitness fanatic. But as far as doing a social media search and youtube search i did not.

By far Wonder Woman has been the best movie I have seen this year, it is filled with action, female power. I hope this movie sets the tone for more female superhero movies to be released.



Thursday, August 3, 2017

Newspapers and Modern Journalism

Newspapers and Modern Journalism

Topic 1: Newspapers

I usually get my local  news from KPTV FOX 12 and KOIN 6 news online. I would like to believe the news I  am receiving by the stations listed above is credible. I haven't had a problem with the local news being fake, with weather being an exception, I definitely don't trust the weather portion of the news because the meteorologists are just as accurate as my phone , which is not accurate most of the time. Moreover, I definitely trust that the local news I have been receiving is correct, at times I wish certain  news segments would go more into depth, but as far as second guessing if my local news is correct I haven't had the necessity to do so thus far.

I do not subscribe to any online news sources, because the news I receive from KPTV FOX 12 and KOIN 6 is sufficient, and if I need to further educate myself on a specific news topic I look it up online for free. I am not willing to pay because all news information can be found online for free.

At this exact moment I feel like I am at a 3 out of 5. I am definitely more informed in movies, sports, and general public information as opposed to pending legislation and actions by elected representatives. It is quite important to me to be well informed, but lately I have been discouraged to read anything that is related to our government because it has just become such a big disappointment. I believe we as a country have been moving backward instead of forward as if every time we take a step forward we end up taking three steps back, and in a Country as progressive as ours that is just unacceptable. So instead I inform myself on local information, and catch up on movies and sports since I am not a big reality tv junkie. Now is this a healthy and necessary habit for intellectual growth? No, I hope that soon I will feel the need re-engage myself.  For example; the stigma on marijuana is changing for the better, then out of left field all transgender military personnel can't serve in the military. This is an example of our Country taking one step forward and three steps back.

Topic 2: Fake News

I believe the problem with Trump is that he is only identifying "fake news" with news reports that only pertain  to him. He has been singling out news segments that he disagrees with because they are not portraying him how he wants to be portrayed therefore it is"fake news". I don't agree with Trump because according to him everything he dislikes is labeled as  "fake news". In addition according to Chicago Tribune, Trump has been declaring that news stations such as CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC are untrustworthy. Is the news actually fake? no, if news stations continuously broadcasted fake news, they would lose their credibility, and loose their general public population which is bad for business.

I would have to agree, I believe Trump is damaging the right of free press especially since he keeps on referring to it as "fake news". I believe he wants the American people to see the press as a nuisance just as he does because it keeps on getting in his way and preventing him from moving forward with his plans.

I believe it is slowly becoming weakened by the Trump administration because they refrain from accepting any information that does not empower Trump, and begin labeling it as false.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Advertising/Public Relations

                                           Image result for BillBoard_t750x550
            Slavery is a topic that is not brought up often enough, and is usually regarded to as an aspect of the past, but the fact is slavery still exist, and it is growing closer to home each year as a result of  unawareness and lack of knowledge on human trafficking. Human trafficking is a horrible crime that involves many innocent and vulnerable individuals, for the purpose of exploitation into cheap labor, and commercial sex, also known as modern day slavery. As a college student I have done countless research papers, and none of them have stood out as much as my research on the rise of human trafficking in Oregon, so while driving down I-5, I was content to see a billboard that read, "NOT FOR SALE! END HUMAN TRAFFICKING" this is an indication that Oregon continues to enlighten its residents on human trafficking. 
This billboard features a black and white picture of an unfamiliar young girl's face, focusing on her eyes to depict the the pain and sorrow human trafficking victims go thru. Next to the young girl's face reads in capital red letters"NOT FOR" below it, in white letters reads, "SALE! END HUMAN TRAFFICKING" with a logo of two human figures next to it. I have seen these billboards all over the I-5, but I am more than certain they are featured in other cities and freeways as well, such as the I-84. This billboard is part of the Oregonians Against Trafficking Humans (OATH) awareness organization. As I did further research on the billboard tittled BillBoard_t750x550 I could not find its origin, but it began on being used in 2015 both in San Francisco and Oregon, as well as mentioned in articles against human trafficking.   
The persuasive technique that is used in this billboard is emotional appeal. When I first saw this billboard, it  took a few moments to settle in,  I was content about the fact that Oregon is informing its citizens, but at the same time it made me sad, and angry, because people actually go thru that kind of torture and pain daily and most can't escape the physical and emotional violence of modern day slavery. The image of the young girl's face is a single representation of victims who are either being commercially trafficked or sexually trafficked. This billboard definitely makes a statement saying human trafficking is here in Oregon so be aware and act on it "END HUMAN TRAFFICKING". 
I have seen similar billboards in California and others in Oregon, although the images might be different the message is the same one "STOP HUMAN TRAFFICKING!".
Other examples of billboards will read, "HE PROMISED ME A PLACE TO STAY, THEN FORCED ME TO WORK AS A PROSTITUTE", "HUMAN TRAFFICKING WAS REPORTED IN ALL 50 STATES LAST YEAR", and "PEOPLE ARE NOT PROPERTY! STOP HUMAN TRAFFICKING" these are just a few examples of other billboards around the United States that contain different images, but the message being sated is the same. The targeted audiences for this billboard are young women and children because research has shown that the average age of a victim who is being trafficked in the United States is between the ages of 11 and 14 with an average lifespan of 7 years. These victims are bought, sold, and traded for the purpose of exploitation, and 80% of these victims are woman and children who are held captive in the “underground sex service industry”( There is nothing about this billboard that I feel is offensive, I believe that everyone should fully understand what human trafficking is, the dangers of human trafficking and how not to become a victim, I also believe their should be further advertisement on this topic. 
The strengths of this billboard were; a straightforward message, the picture focused on the eyes which was intended to portray the pain of a tortured victim. The weaknesses of this add were, lack of color, I believe if it had color it would attract more attention, no statistics for further proof, and it lacked a number to call in case someone finds themselves in that sort of situation and are looking to escape. This image is definitely memorable because of the sadness the victim's eyes portray in the billboard, one can't help but to sympathize with the your girl portrayed in the image it also depicts a  sadness and the need to help and make a change. Although the targeted audience for the ad and human trafficking are children and young woman, I am sure this ad reaches the eyes and touches the hearts of many people who feel the need to act upon this horrible crime, no matter what age or gender they might be, knowledge is power and the more people know about human trafficking the less victims there will be, the silence must be stopped.
I could not find any comments on the ad I used, this ad has been used in two different occasions one being used in an article in the Oregon State Sheriffs' Association website and the other on the Franciscans for Justice website. The specific organization logo used next to the image in the billboard was Rescue and Restore Victims of Human Trafficking. Other organizations that are using billboard's against human trafficking are programs such as; The Guardian Group, Polaris, Oregonians Against Trafficking Humans, and the National Human Trafficking Hotline. These organizations purpose is to educate individuals on human trafficking, help those who are being trafficked, and help victims after being freed.  
The first website I seen this image on was on the Oregon State Sheriffs' Association website, on an article titled, "Human Trafficking". There are no further comments on this billboard, while searching the image online only two articles with the image can up, these articles were related to human trafficking and its effects on its surrounding and victims. In the article “Human Trafficking”, Sheriff Staton made known that community outreach and education is important, and that law enforcement can’t fight human trafficking alone; therefore, community participation, and support is encouraged ( Although there are programs such as OATH Oregonians Against Trafficking Humans; which is an outreach program to help victims of trafficking, and the U-Visa; a program that helps undocumented immigrant victims of trafficking, this is still not enough. If we continuously fall short of educating everyone on human trafficking, it will grow and expand rapidly, due to the supply and demand mechanisms of this unfortunate crime. Therefore, our generation must do more, “The eye doesn’t see what the mind doesn’t know, doesn’t exist” (D.H. Lawrence). 
Based on the billboard alone I would definitely check out further statistics on human trafficking in Oregon. I would definitely recommend other be vigilant and aware to look for these billboards as further proof of human trafficking existing beyond major cities such as Las Vegas and San Francisco that it indeed happens in Oregon cities such as, Portland and Beaverton as well. 
While doing research on this specific billboard I learned that there are many different sorts of organizations that support human trafficking advertising, and not all organizations are the same in all states. The thing that surprised me the most was that I was only able to find the organization represented next to the image and two articles that contained this image, in addition, there were no additional comments on the image. Maybe if ads like these were shared and advertised more often in social media such as Facebook or Instagram, they would be more widely known, therefore, have more comments and information on them.  

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Advertising and Public Relations

Topic1: Twitter/Facebook and Advertising/PR

One of the  organizations I follow on facebook  is "Keep Oregon Well". This site helps fight the stigma against mental illness and focuses on awareness and education of mental health.

The targeted audience for this organization is everyone, because its purpose is to approach and inform those with mental illness and educate the general public about mental health. This site does work, the whole set up of the Facebook page is appealing, especially when your main background photo is a picture of people dressed in a Star Wars theme holding up signs that read, "Fight the Stigma" and "Mental Health Matters". This organization's facebook appeals to both younger and older audiences. This page is also filled many posts such as; local information, videos, articles relating to mental health and even news clips about upcoming events and activities, that are put together by this organization. Keep Oregon Well promotes themselves exceptionally well, their page is; fun, quirky, serious, and well informative, there is nothing I would recommend to better promote their service they have done it all. 

Topic2: Persuasive Techniques  


I am a huge animal lover and advocate, but I have to admit I change the channel as soon as I hear, "in the arms of the angel" this ASPCA commercial is extremely depressing, they have definitely nailed the appeal of emotion. Then there is usually a celebrity encouraging the viewers to donate to this charity, while sad animal videos and images flood your TV. This commercial appeals to all animal lovers like myself, who want to help out anyway we can. The two persuasive techniques used by the ASPCA commercials are emotional branding and famous person testimonial. Emotional branding is when a company triggers an emotional response in the consumer, for example, if enough animal lovers watch this commercial they might become sad enough that it will trigger them to want to take action and therefore, donate money to the organization, or if you're like me, change the channel to prevent any sort of crying.The famous person testimonial is also used to endorse this company so the audience is reassured that whatever funds they donate will go directly to the animal's health needs, and not into the pockets of some random individual. These techniques work up to a certain extent, because not everyone can donate money on the spot, even though it is being indorsed by a celebrity who has already more money than the average folk. Furthermore, it would be nice to see the animals who have been used in the same commercials for years finally find a home, these commercials don't have to be 100% depressing. I believe they would have better donation rates, if they showcased the animals who have been helped and who have found good homes, due to the donations that have been received.  

Secret Hair Extensions

I cut my beautiful long hair a few years back and I am still reaping the consequences, so I pay extremely close attention to all hair extension advertisements in hopes of finding a set of natural looking hair for a reasonable price. While watching TV a commercial came on called Secret Extensions, endorsed by Daisy Fuentes.  This commercial consists of women wanting longer voluminous hair, then in comes Daisy Fuentes with her secret hair extensions she claims she wears any time she wants longer hair, this caught my attention since her hair looked beautiful. This advertisement is advertised towards middle aged women since it is harder to get thicker longer hair the older we get. The appeal that is used in this advertisement is definitely famous person testimonial because Daisy Fuentes swears by the hair extensions and even takes hers off during the commercial, making these extensions look amazing and credible. This appeal did not work because, Daisy Fuentes is a celebrity and definitely spends more than $29.99 on her own hair extensions, making this a fake testimony. In addition, all the women used in this commercial were hair models, not your average woman, also, not all of them put the extensions on themselves, and I'm positive they had a hair stylist in hand in order for the hair to look perfect and evenly blended. 

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Topic 2

Topic 1: Twitter /Social Media

  • The  three organizations I follow on Twitter are; Fox News, Washington Post and Earth Pics. I follow Fox News and Washington Post to simply be caught up with trending news I feel these two sites are fast and efficient when it comes to broadcasting. I follow Earth Pics because I love to see what kind of wonders the world has, I am always captivated by such beautiful photography of nature at its best. 

  • The best tweet I seen today that definitely deserves to be re-tweeted, was a video of a man who had his dog stolen 2 years ago, and when they were finally reunited the dog hesitated at first, but within seconds he was so excited he couldn't contain himself, he kept on jumping and rolling around on his owners lap. This stood out to me because I am a huge animal lover and there's nothing better then seeing animals reuniting with their owners. I love a happy ending.

  • I believe social media has enhanced my ability to take action and participate in democracy and government up to a certain point. I like being well  informed, but as far as the "let me post how I personally feel about this topic"  kind of attitude, I don't feel the need to take that route yet and instead I just repost, so others become informed just as I was. I believe topics that are worth discussion are better done and heard in person. 

Topic 2: The Internet

  • Sherry Turkle made a valid point and I agree with her 100%, we are definitely losing a sense of self, we are becoming increasingly isolated due to our addiction we have with electronics especially our phones, it is like a comfort item and it must always be with us or else we don't know what to do with our spare time. For example, while visiting my family a few months ago I noticed that we no longer have big discussions and debates like how we used to, we don't completely ignore each other, but when no one is talking everyone tends to go back on their phones, as if no one is able to restart a new conversation anymore and instead prefer to escape into their phones. In addition, last week I accidently left my phone at home and went to work. During lunch some of my colleagues and I were in the break room together and each one of them was on their phone except for me. I would try conversing with some of them but the replies were short or they would just nod or shake their head, so I finally decided to be quiet and observe. No one held an actual conversation during the entire lunch, that's when I realized that people are starting to become more adapted in being alone and prefer to carry out a conversation on social media instead of conversing in person. At least when an individual is speaking to me I am polite enough to put my phone away and acknowledge their presence.   My family has decided to reclaim dinner and family game nights. 

  • The last game I downloaded was Angry Birds and this was roughly 4 years ago. What I liked about this game was that it was; easy to grasp, fun, different, and colorful. This game was also constantly changing and updating making each new level better than the last, which made it extremely addicting. I used to play this game for at least 3 hours a day, I then began to get really bad headaches and falling behind on my school work so I decided to delete the game and I actually haven't downloaded a game since. 

  • I spend about 1 hour a day sometimes even less social networking. Honestly, I am too  busy, I work full time and am a full time student, I'm always bombarded with homework, when I come home I cook and try to clean my house, and if I have enough energy to workout I will, and usually when I am completely done with my day it is time for bed. I feel like gaming is a waste of time for me because I have so much going on that I can't just stop my routine in order to play a few games or network longer than I currently do, I would definitely fall behind.